Classic and Modern Unite in the Volkswagen Beetle

If it's time to buy a new car, you might be looking for something that's both unique and classic. Not many cars exhibit these characteristics better than the Volkswagen Beetle. The well-known shape of the body is instantly recognizable, and Volkswagen is making the Beetle one last time. At Honolulu Volkswagen, we love this iconic vehicle, and we want to tell you how Volkswagen is maintaining the classic style while also updating it to meet the preferences of today's customers.

The classic shape of the headlights is still one of the aspects of the exterior that draws your attention. But they have Bi-Xenon lights for a brighter beam to help you see better when it's dark or rainy outside. They also have LED running lights to conserve energy during the day.

The retro-modern gauges are also a nice touch that unites classic style with current-day needs. These gauges look similar to the ones on the original Beetle, but they have all of the features that you expect in a modern car.



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