Safety Is Important With The Volkswagen Tiguan

In Honolulu, the place to see the latest Volkswagen models is at Honolulu Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact SUV. It has a modern-looking exterior design along with a spacious interior that is fashioned for the comfort of you and your passengers. The team at Volkswagen provided a lot of safety features in the Tiguan.

Tires are an important part of the Tiguan. If your tires are not inflated to the appropriate air pressure, you can get a flat tire. The tire pressure monitor system on the Tiguan lets you know if a tire is not inflated properly so that you can take corrective action.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. After an initial collision, vehicles can make a secondary collision. The Volkswagen Tiguan offers automatic post-collision braking. This system brings the Tiguan to a stop so that it doesn't keep rolling and expose you and your passengers to additional dangers.



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