Do you feel that your drives could be smoother? Periodic alignment service from Honolulu Volkswagen can help. Our team has the knowledge and equipment to improve how your car rolls.

Bring your vehicle to us for alignment service every 10,000 miles. We will roll your car onto our alignment tester. This machine identifies your auto's current caster, camber and toe readings. Those may sound weird, so we'll explain. Caster reveals when your rear wheels cannot properly track behind your front ones. Camber shows whether a tire has an improper lean. Similarly, toe identifies tires that can't point perfectly straight when needed.

Each of these values has a tolerance range provided by your vehicle's maker. Readings that fall outside of theses ranges cause handling and tire-wear problems. If we find readings that concern us, we'll recommend adjustments and communicate all costs to you. Upon your approval, we will professionally adjust your alignment. You'll travel significantly better for the next 10,000 miles.


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