Two Important Things To Know About Brake Fluid

A car's braking system is comprised of many different elements. Surprisingly, however, among the most important of these is brake fluid. Despite what many people think, the role of this liquid isn't to lubricate moving parts. Instead, this fluid actually delivers the force that's necessary for bringing vehicles to a stop. Capable of functioning under high pressure and in exceedingly high temperatures, this non-compressible liquid does its job every time the brake pedal is depressed. At Honolulu Volkswagen, we want drivers to understand just how vital their cars' brake fluid really is.

How The Braking Process Works

When you depress the brake pedal, it in turn compresses the pistons within the braking system's calipers. Given that brake fluid itself cannot be compressed, the result is increased pressure in the brake lines that then sets the brake fluid in action. As pressure builds within the fluid, the rotors squeeze the brake pads so that wheel contact occurs and the vehicle slows. Absent of brake fluid, the actual stopping elements of the braking system would not engage at all.

Automotive Maintenance And Brake Fluid

?As time goes on, brake fluid gradually degrades due to moisture absorption. As such, brake fluid or hydraulic fluid must be regularly drained and replaced. In general, this is something that drivers should do once annually or once every two years, depending upon their vehicles and the amount of driving they do. For needs-specific information about brake fluid or to have your car serviced by seasoned professionals, come by Honolulu Volkswagen today.


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