This Camera Could Help You When Reversing Your Vehicle

Reversing your vehicle can be a real ordeal sometimes. Everyone knows about the struggle of craning your neck to see behind you, or sometimes even sticking your head out the window. If this has ever been your experience, then Honolulu Volkswagen is ready to tell you some good news: that's all about to change.

As of May 2018, backup cameras are required to be put into all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds. These devices are used to show you a clearer picture of what's behind you while driving. The goal of backup cameras is to reduce reversing-related accidents, which are responsible for over 15,000 injuries a year.

Backup cameras could very well be in the next car that you purchase, so why not make sure they're in the next car you drive? Come visit us at our location in Honolulu, so that you can get the full backup camera experience.


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