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VW Sign Then Drive in Honolulu

Save Money With Our November VW Promotion: Volkswagen Sign Then Drive in Honolulu

November is a time for reflection, and maybe you're even thinking about a new Volkswagen car or SUV. If you also want to save money, you should definitely take advantage of our Volkswagen Sign Then Drive Promotion. We're offering great lease deals with low monthly payments and zero due at signing on nearly every 2014 and 2015 model (excluding the 2015 GTI, Touareg, and e-Golf). Other manufacturers’ lease deals normally require a down payment of a few thousand dollars on most models. Not everyone wants to put money down when they won't get it back.

And if you want to buy a Volkswagen, we're offering finance rates ranging from 0% to 1.9% for up to six years for qualified buyers. Depending on the VW model you're thinking of, you won't be able to find a better deal than during our November 2014 Sign Then Drive Event.

What Are the Details of Honolulu Volkswagen's Sign and Drive Sale?

This year, we are offering some really amazing deals on the Jetta and Passat. For instance, to help us sell our remaining 2014 models, you can now lease a 2014 Jetta S for $179 a month with $0 due at signing. You read right. This is equivalent to a $124 lease offer with $1,999 down, and we'll pay the first month for you!

And if you've got cash this November, we have cash options of $2,500 on all 2014 Jetta and Passat models. And that’s just for starters! November is truly the month to get a brand-new 2014 VW at the best price ever. You won't find any better offers!

What If I want a 2015 Volkswagen?

If you'd rather lease a 2015 VW, what could be better than our Sign Then Drive offers on the new, highly equipped Jetta S at $219 a month, or the Passat 1.8 S at $259 a month? But if you'd rather buy a VW than lease one, we've got deals for you too. With deals like these, whether you want a 2014 or 2015 VW, you can't go wrong. These prices and VW lease deals are really too good to pass up.

Jetta and Passat Details

  • 2014 Jetta Lease: Starting at $179 with $0 due at signing
    0.0% for 60 months, 
    Dealer Cash: $2,500 on gas, , hybrid
  • 2015 Jetta Lease: Starting at $219 with $0 due at signing
    APR: 1.9% on gas
  • 2014 Passat Lease: Starting at $239 with $0 due at signing
    APR: 0.0% for 60 months
    Dealer Cash: $2,500 on all gas
  • 2015 Passat Lease: Starting at $259 with $0 due at signing
    APR: 0.9% for 60 months

So what are you waiting for? Search our site for the Volkswagen you've been thinking of. Then call Honolulu Volkswagen at (855) 417-1877 to schedule a test drive, and show off your new VW to your friends and family.


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