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With Spring Coming, It's Time For You To Think About A Tune-Up

Spring is an excellent period to remind Honolulu drivers of great car care tips. Though, we might not have as tough winters as other States, keeping up with car maintenance will ensure your automobile lasts longer with fewer needs of more expensive work. By taking these car care tips seriously, you certainly will not simply retain the look of your car but you'll also be ensuring it performs to the best of its ability. If you have any thoughts relating to the below car care practices, please contact Honolulu Volkswagen at (808) 797-3361 and we'll help you analyze any car concerns.

Deformed Rotors and Old Brake Pads Can Cause Other Issues

The requirement of fully functionally brakes ought to be common knowledge - without healthy brakes, auto accidents occur. Rusty and warped rotors can cause brake pad slipping. Worn out brake pads can grind the rotor, which can result in more expensive fixes down the line. It's vital that you keep up to speed with brake pad renewal in order to increase the life of your rotors, in addition to stay safe while driving. If you think maybe your car shifts to one side when you brake, examine your brakes! For those who don't know how to replace brakes, bring your vehicle into Honolulu Volkswagen today for a quick diagnosis and repair.

Automotive Fluids Help Keep Your Car Running

Your car fluid levels really should be looked at regularly and we don?t mean just your oil. Antifreeze, windshield fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid are generally vital elements to keeping your car running properly. Antifreeze protects your engine from getting too hot and from freezing. Brake fluid moves components in the braking system. Transmission fluid works as a coolant and lubricant for those moving parts in your vehicle?s transmission. Power steering fluid ensures your power steering system is effectively pressurized.

Other Car Features to Check This Spring

  1. Battery - cables and terminals
  2. Belts and hoses
  3. Tire tread and tire pressure
  4. Windshield wipers
  5. Left over road salt

Seasonal Auto Maintenance Helps You Save Money

Preventive auto care controls costly problems later down the line. Disregarding that squeak or grinding sound won't make the problem go away. Neglecting it will simply assure you'll have a more costly repair later on. So get caught up with preventive maintenance on your car and remember if you want help with any automotive repair problem, you can get in touch with Honolulu Volkswagen at (808) 797-3365 or schedule an appointment online.


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