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Want Help Figuring out Your Windshield Repair Needs?

Honolulu Volkswagen can help. Give us a call at (855) 417-1879 and ask us any questions you might have.

Is it a Large Break or a Small Nick?

In case your window has a chip that looks similar to a bull's-eye, a B.B. chip or a flowered chip, then an epoxy resin could very well be a fairly easy fast solution to save you money, which could either be performed by a repair technician or by yourself, at home, with a window repair kit.

If you can run your fingernail along the crack and it doesn't get snagged, and when the chip is less than 1-inch, then a lower viscosity window resin can be employed in the repair process, which means if you're comfortable restoring your windshield yourself, an at home repair kit will be all you need.

For those who have spider web cracks or any surface area damage greater than an inch, you'll most likely need to replace your entire window to stop the glass from splintering more. If you're uncertain of your windshield repair needs, call Honolulu Volkswagen at (855) 417-1879 and schedule a consultation to have our certified Volkswagen mechanics take a look.

What exactly is The Difference Between Epoxy Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Replacement Solutions?

Epoxy is a liquid bonding agent that can seal cracks in your windshield. There are a selection of epoxies, ranging from 20 to 2400 cps - a rating of viscosity. Epoxy resin solutions are short-term treatments and can leave subtle blemishes on your windshield. Auto glass replacement indicates the complete replacement of your windshield. Full window replacement is more expensive than epoxy fixes due to labor costs and the charge of an entirely new, more sturdy, piece of glass.

For the Honolulu Self-Repairer - Repair Carefully

It's suggested to never begin to fix your windshield yourself if you do not have a lot of know-how working with the equipment involved in replacing windows or applying epoxy. The reason for caution is basically that you want to avoid forming any more harm to your windshield or to yourself, and you want to ensure that the repair method you decide on is the right repair.

Resins are graded in relation to viscosity. Lower viscosity - the kind usually obtained in at home repair kits - signifies the epoxy is thinner while higher viscosity resins have a thicker, commercial-grade epoxy. Commercial-grade epoxy resins along with the tools needed to administer the resins ordinarily are not sold in retailers. At home windshield repair kits commonly really don't offer industrial quality epoxy resins, which means that retailer epoxy resins often possess a limited repair success.

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