Are you looking to find a larger sedan option? Sedans still provide a lot of standout driving and one underrated ride in our humble opinion is the Volkswagen Arteon at the dealership. We compare it to many different vehicles and we're happy to show you how it's a benefit over a similar model like the Nissan Maxima.

To start, there are greater fuel economy ratings on the Arteon over the Maxima, which is always a deciding factor. Additionally, you will see more cargo space as the Arteon can nearly double the space offered by offering 27 cubic feet of cargo space. That also leads to more cabin space for more rear legroom, giving your passengers a better ride. Throw in that new VW vehicles like the Arteon have better warranty options as well as this option offering an all-wheel-drive choice and it makes the decision clear: come see the new VW Arteon today!

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